Thursday, September 1, 2011

365 Days of Reading: Tip #4 - Position Your Baby to Read

The title of this post is so lame, but I couldn't think of anything better! Sorry! :D

There are several different positions you can use to read to your baby.

  • Cradle your baby in one arm, and hold a book in the other arm. This works well with small board books with sturdy pages that can be turned single-handedly.
  • In a sitting position, pull your knees up toward your chest. Lay your baby vertically on your thighs so he is facing you (his feet will be kind of propped on your stomach). Hold the book with one hand and turn pages with the other. You can also use your free hand to point out interesting text or pictures in the book. This works well with larger books or books with lots of illustrations that you want to discuss. 
  • Sit your baby in his bouncer or swing, then sit or lie next to baby and read that way. This gives you two free hands to handle the book. 
  • During tummy time, lay down next to your baby and flip through a book together. This works best with soft cloth books, since there are no sharp or hard edges in case baby becomes fatigued and needs to lay his head down.
  • A wonderful way to read books before bedtime is to lay down on your bed together on your backs. (Never leave your baby unattended on an adult bed, of course!) Hold the book over you so you can both share in viewing the text & pictures together.

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