Thursday, October 8, 2009

Requested Books

Hello students & parents,

Please comment on this post with the title and author of any books you would like to see included on the Book Blog. I will do my best to accommodate requests; however, I will include mostly classic or notable children's books. Please allow at least one week for a requested title for appear on the blog.

Thanks for your suggestions!
Ms. Whitney Gollman


  1. Hi Miss Whitney, this is Miss Hermenet's third grade class coming at ya from West Ridge Elementary School in Greece, NY. We have read some books that we enjoy and we would like to recommend them to you!

  2. The first book we would like to recommend is Edwards Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan. This is a book about a boy named Edward who likes to play baseball. Edward has an older brother named Jake, and they have a really close relationship because Jake raised Edward. Edward is a very smart boy. Once another baby is born into the family, Edward gets to raise her. Sabine (the baby) is very important to Edward. Read the book to find out what happens in the end, and why the book is called Edwards Eyes. We would recommend this book to people who like baseball, people who have big families, or anyone who enjoys realistic fiction. Out of 10 points, we would give this book 9. Miss Hermenet's Third Grade Class

  3. The next book we would like to recommend is Ida B. by Katherine Hannigan. This book is about a girl who likes nature. She talk to the apple trees and brook that are on her property. Ida B. talks to nature because she believes that listening comes from the heart and that these objects are talking back to her. Ida B. is homeschooled because she had a very bad experience in public school when she was in Kindergarten. She enjoys being homeschooled because she gets to stay with her mom and dad. One day, her mom got sick, so she had to go back to public school and they have to sell her land. Ida B. is angry and makes plans to get her life back to normal. Read the book to find out what happens. We recommend this book to anyone who like nature, like to be with family, doesn't like school, likes to make plans, or likes to read realistic fiction. Out of 10 points, we would give this book a 10. Miss Hermenet's Third Grade Class

  4. Dear Greece Third Graders,

    Thank you so much for your post! You are reading some interesting & challenging books! Other students will definitely appreciate hearing about these books.

    I am going to create separate posts for each of the books you requested so that others can follow up with their comments.

    Keep reading!
    Miss Whitney

  5. The next book we would like to recommend is Ralph S. Mouse, by Beverly Cleary. This book is about a mouse that lives in a hotel, that can talk and ride a motorcycle. One day, he decides he wants to go to school with his human friend, Ryan. Ralph gets seen in school, and becomes the class project. One part of the project was for Ralph to run through the maze. The same day, Ralph's motorcycle breaks. Read the book, to find out what else happens. We would recommend this book to anyone who likes mice, like motorcycles, likes adventures, likes animals, or likes fantasy books. Out of 10 points, we would give this book 7. Miss Hermenet's Third Grade Class

  6. Okay, Greece Third Graders, all your books are now available as separate posts for you to discuss! Some ideas for comments you might make are:

    1. Tell if your opinion of the book was different from the rest of the class. Explain why.
    2. Write about a connection you made with the book. What did the story remind you of? Has anything like this ever happened to you?
    3. Write about another book that has a similar story or characters. How were the two books alike or different?
    4. Write about your favorite part of the book in more detail.

    Enjoy! (Remember, you can always respond to something else that was written!)
    Miss Whitney

  7. From: Miss Hermenet's Third Graders
    We would like to recommend the book "The Lemonade War" by Jacqueline Davies. This is a story about Evan and Jessie, who are brother and sister. At the end of the summer, they got a letter from the school saying that Jessie is going to skip a grade and be in Evan's 4th grade class. This made Evan really mad, so he tried to ignore his sister for the rest of the summer. Evan and Jessie used to be really close, but this letter tore them apart. So, the brother and sister started a lemonade war. The lemonade war was that they each had a lemonade stand, whoever got the most money in 5 days got to keep ALL of the money. Evan and Jessie come up with different strategies to sell their lemonade and get the most money. Read the book to find out how this war ends! Out of 10 points, we would give this book a 9.5! This book is full of economic terms and business strategies.

  8. From: Miss Hermenet's Class
    We would like to recommend "The Witches" by Roald Dahl. This book is about a little boy whose parents died in a car accident so he has to live with his grandmother in Norway. His grandmother used to tell him stories about witches. The little boy (who doesn't have a name in the book) and his grandmother go on a vacation to England. They stayed in Hotel Magnificent which happens to be the hotel where witches are having their annual meeting! The boy goes to the ballroom to train his mice and the witches come in. They disguised themselves as a group called The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Once in the ballroom, the witches took off their disguise. We don't want to give away the rest of the book, but let's just say there are a lot of mice involved! Read this awesome book to find out what happens after the meeting in the ballroom! Out of 10 points, we would give this book a 10.

  9. Hello again, Third Graders!

    Have you guys read "The Pushcart War" or "How to Eat Fried Worms"? Those are two other books on the Book Blog that you might like if you enjoyed "The Lemonade War" - the plots in these books all have some kind of competition in them.

    I will post these books, along with your responses, later this afternoon. Don't forget to look around at other books, respond to others' posts or explore the "Links for Readers"!

    Thanks again for adding your thoughts to the Book Blog!

    Ms. Whitney

  10. THE LAST TRAIN, written by acclaimed musician Gordon Titcomb with luminous paintings by Wendell Minor is a perfect book for train lovers of all ages, and is made to order for parents, and grandparents, to share with the little ones in their lives... especially with the Live Oak Media readalong version of the book, featuring Titcomb reading and performing the lyrics of the book, which are based on his song of the same name. This stunning book both celebrates and eulogizes the golden era of railway travel.


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