Sunday, September 18, 2011

365 Days of Reading: Tip #22 - Subscribe to a Magazine

Not just any magazine - Highlights High Five magazine! Seriously! This is the greatest thing since sliced bread, in my opinion and my son's. The magazine is targeted at ages 2 to 6, but it is a lot of fun for older babies and younger toddlers as well.

In each issue, there are:

  • movement and/or finger play rhymes
  • "That's Silly!" illustrations where kids can pick out the nonsensical aspects
  • multi-page stories
  • poetry
  • simple stories told mostly through pictures ("The Adventures of Spot" is a series)
  • "Hidden Pictures" illustrations where kids can search for and name cleverly disguised items
  • nonfiction features with photographs of real animals, people or places
  • Spanish language features
  • a mini-book to cut out and keep or a small game to assemble and play
  • a construction challenge using common toddler toys (wooden blocks, mega blocks, railroad tracks)
You get a new issue every month so there is never boredom (for you or your child). Also, the magazines are (obviously) disposable/recyclable so you can bring them to the dinner table for high chair entertainment, you can bring them outdoors or keep a few back issues in the car.

If you're afraid to spring right away for a subscription, scoop up a few of these back issues on Amazon to see what you're missing:

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