Monday, September 5, 2011

365 Days of Reading: Tip #8 - Environmental Print

When thinking of ways to grow your child's language skills, remember that letters and words can be found everywhere in our environment. When you take your child on outings with you, talk to him about everything you see and narrate your shared activities. For example, at the grocery store, show him what you are buying and read the label to him.

There are also ways to work letters & words into your child's daily surroundings. If you have hardwood floors, an alphabet rug can provide some cushion as well as a jumping-off point for talking about letters and sounds. A Name Train (see below) is a wonderful keepsake to display as well as a reference for the first letters that most children come to recognize - those in their own name. Picture frames with engraved names or labels also make great environmental print for your baby.

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