Wednesday, September 7, 2011

365 Days of Reading: Tip #10 - Engage the Senses

When your baby is very small, it may seem as if she can't really 'do' anything. But her five senses are busy all the time taking in new information about the world around her. Different types of books can help you engage her five senses.

Sight - For about the first 6 months, baby's eyes can best detect images in black & white. Choose books with black & white silhouettes, black & white photography or high contrast line drawings.

Smell - There are now books that include scratch 'n' sniff spots on the pages! Choose books that have a variety of smells, both familiar and unfamiliar. Let baby smell the real thing if you have it in your home!

Taste - Once your baby is ready to try solid food, begin reading books that feature new foods. Food-based alphabet books or books about gardening or farming will give you a huge variety of foods that you can let your child taste as you read, or after. (Remember to always wait 3 days in between trying new foods to test for allergies.)

Touch - Babies love to use their hands and skin to feel new textures. Choose books with cloth pages or board books with fabric worked into the illustrations.

Hearing - Your baby will most likely love singing and music from the start. Choose books that include song lyrics or onomatopoeia.

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