Thursday, August 11, 2011

What! Cried Granny

by Kate Lum

"It's Patrick's first sleepover at his Granny's house, and the woman is a little unprepared. As the sun begins to set, she instructs her grandson to get ready for bed. "But, Granny," the boy points out, "I don't HAVE a bed here." "WHAT?" cries Granny, and she runs out to chop down a tree, out of which she proceeds to make a bed. Patrick then points out the lack of a pillow, blanket, teddy bear...and finally, the fact that morning has arrived. This simple and inventive story moves along with a satisfying predictability; and if the pace is a bit rushed, readers will enjoy the mock surprise and melodrama of Patrick and Granny's repeated lines. The acrylic-paint illustrations are styled after the graphics of the 1950s and '60s, with dramatic and exaggerated layouts that command attention from a distance. The black text is well integrated into the double-page spreads, as are Granny's frenetic maneuvers. The effect is a little too enthusiastic, as is the story; but this is an admirable first picture book for both author and illustrator, and one that should find a place in most storytimes and collections." -- from School Library Journal

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