Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Calling all Teachers, Parents, Students & Bookworms!

That's right - The Book Blog is hosting its first-ever giveaway! This giveaway will be done scavenger-hunt style and is open to all Facebook page fans! This is a fun way to earn holiday $$$ for buying books for everyone on your list!

  • You MUST "like" The Book Blog on Facebook in order to participate. All answers to giveaway trivia questions must be posted on The Book Blog's Facebook page.
  • In order to earn points in the giveaway, you must be the FIRST fan to post a CORRECT answer on The Book Blog's Facebook page. 
  • 1 correct answer = 1 point = 1 Amazon dollar. Points will be added up on Monday and you will receive an Amazon e-gift certificate for your points from the previous week.  For example, if you answer 5 questions correctly throughout the week, you will earn an Amazon e-gift certificate of $5.
  • You must share your email address in order to receive your e-gift. This can be done by messaging me via The Book Blog or by simply checking your Facebook settings to make sure I will be able to view your email address.
Please leave a comment with any questions! The giveaway begins tomorrow, so join The Book Blog on Facebook now so you don't miss any chances for points!


I love to read your comments!