Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Light in the Darkness

by Aaron Zevy

Josh and Willy are next door neighbors and best friends. When a rock is thrown through the window of Josh's house while his family is celebrating Hanukah, it is young Willy who is able to rally the street in support.

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  1. my favourite part of the book is when they showed all the menorah out of the window because it was cool and looked curadof.
    the book was about the menorahs kept falling because somebody kept throwing a rock at it because they dont understand them how it is.

  2. I liked this book because the characters showed respect and cooperation. There was another Core Value in the book, too.
    Do you know what it was?

  3. it was courage and mindfulness and responsidility and integrity
    and hank you from what you said
    i like the school do you.

  4. My favorite part in the story was when they "said" that some people are scared when people don't understand something.
    At the ended they give the whole nieghbours a menorah so everbody could have the same feel like the siegel.

  5. my favourite prat of the book is wen wily body of in the story it taught me about hanukkah and what they eat in the story.
    in the end of the story wen wily & his sister body a menorah for ever body.

  6. My favourite part of the book was when WILLY and JOSH played beceball. at the end WILLY and MARTI gave every body menorahs .
    Thaliyah, I agree that it taught me into hanukkah.

  7. Did you know that this book was based on a true story?

    What would you say to him if you could meet the real Willy C Jackson?

    Do you know any true stories about people helping their neighbors like Willy did?


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