Monday, November 16, 2009

Ida B.

by Katherine Hannigan

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  1. This book is about a girl who likes nature. She talk to the apple trees and brook that are on her property. Ida B. talks to nature because she believes that listening comes from the heart and that these objects are talking back to her. Ida B. is homeschooled because she had a very bad experience in public school when she was in Kindergarten. She enjoys being homeschooled because she gets to stay with her mom and dad. One day, her mom got sick, so she had to go back to public school and they have to sell her land. Ida B. is angry and makes plans to get her life back to normal. Read the book to find out what happens. We recommend this book to anyone who like nature, like to be with family, doesn't like school, likes to make plans, or likes to read realistic fiction. Out of 10 points, we would give this book a 10. Miss Hermenet's Third Grade Class


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