Monday, June 15, 2009

Class Clown

by Johanna Hurwitz

Lucas Cott, the most "obstreperous" boy in the third grade, finds it very hard to turn over a new leaf when he decides to become the perfect student.

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  1. in the firsrt chapter of class clown he was bored so he wanted to be funny like a class clown so they did not like him being a class clown in school.

    How i fill about this book is that i do not want him to be a class clown he should be a good boy in school and he should not call his mom dumb while she left and he should not be blameing people of his action.I fell that he should be a good student and not be bad and he should have a compution with cricket so he can have lots of fun and he could get calld on for a lot of times and he couid have friends so he could be smart and populer.

  2. Wow, Ikendubuisi & Jonathen - you guys put a lot of thought into your response! I can't wait to finish this book with you guys!

    Miss Whitney

  3. Lucas Cott writes his initials on his desk,he blams it on cricket.

    it reminds me of JAYLEN because he gets in trouble.
    Cricket is telling the truth.

    Jaylen & Jasmine

  4. Ikendubuisi IlokaJune 16, 2009 at 10:29 AM

    what happen on the secound chapter was he wanted to see the other kid glases but he said no and then the other kid said why he could not take off his glasses he said my mom said i can never take off his glases so he tould the teacher he can not see so he put him up front and he said i still can't see and why he said that was because he saw the oter kids being good and stedy to the teacher and lisining so he thought he wanted to get glasses so the teacher told him go to the nurse to to check your eye to see if you are good so he went to the nurse named Mrs.phillip so she gave him the papper to cover his eye and he read them all wrong So then she gave him the other to cover his left eye and he got them all wrong again. So Ms. Phillip told him that he needs glasses so she said tell the mother. And then he put it back on again and he said, "I can see, I was just lying" because he wanted to be an astronaut.

  5. Jaylen D. & JonathenJune 16, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    So far Lucas wants eyeglasses. So he lies to Mrs. Phillips. Then Mrs.Phillips and Cott say i wonder if you can be an astronaut with eyeglasses then he tells the troth and says i can see good.

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging & BOOKS! HAO DE!


    What suggestions would you give Lucas about how to 'turn over a new leaf' and be a better student?

    Would you like to be Lucas' friend? Why or why not?


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